Concrete plus steel, this combination is synonymous with simple processing, diversity of shapes, reasonable cost and high load acceptance within all areas of construction design.

The initially corrosion-proof reinforcement steel, due to material ageing and the influence of chemical substances, gradually loses its protective passivation layer. Unnoticed first from outside, corrosion sets in, which at a later stage can endanger the stability of the entire concrete structure. Once pitting, spalling and cracks are showing, the costs for repair are already on the higher side.

Our passive corrosion sensor provides a simple and cost effective solution for the protection of buildings: The sensor responds before the steel is damaged. The corrosion sensors are used in exposed areas before or after concreting, with the help of a core hole.

Our corrosion early- warning system provides reliable detection of the factors causing corrosion before the reinforcement steel gets affected and the warranty period has expired. Our "passive" energy- and cableless System CorroDec®2G excells by its simple handling, combined with a high degree of safety and reliability. You can read the measured data conveniently on your mobile terminal. With this budget-friendly, cableless sensor device of high longevity and simple installation technique, both capital and follow-up costs can be kept at a reasonable level.

Our corrosion sensors can be installed without much effort both during concreting – e.g. during construction of new buildings or in the wake of renovation work, but can also be put in later on by core Drilling.

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